Top 3 Fashion Accessories

Top 3 Fashion Accessories


Firemen Shopping When it comes to fashion so many things come in and out of favor it can be like watching a moving freight train. You know it has a certain length of time to pass you, but you are still impatient if it isn’t moving fast enough to please you. On the other hand those beautiful glass windows in the observation decks are so pretty you want them to just sit still and be there forever. Okay, not the best analogy but if you close your eyes you can make it work. So in the long run, just what are the top three fashion accessories and how do we use them? Here is our list of what we think are the most fashionable of all. Loving the Look of Fashion Rings If you have long slim fingers, then yes rings can always look good on you.

I suppose the best example of this is when you see them on those skinny fashion models. But no matter what kind of fashion rings you love, they just add a certain pizzazz to any outfit. Gold and silver fashion rings can have the ability to create a certain gypsy air to that simple peasant blouse and skirt. Goth skull rings can add mystery to that all black outfit. So rings are definitely one of the top fashion accessories every gal must have. Adding that Fashionable Necklace There have probably been necklaces for as long as we humans have had necks. When you look at ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians or the Aztecs, they all have these gorgeous gold necklaces that were worn by their leaders. In fact, one of the greatest finds in archaeology is when grave goods include necklaces because anytime a group of people have time to adorn themselves, we know they have stories and a culture.

So necklaces, from amazing strings of rubies and diamonds to simple leather thongs will always be on the list of great fashion items every woman needs to have. The Allure of Earrings know plenty of women these days that have over a hundred pairs of earrings in their collection. These little adornments have become so every day and cheap that it is almost impossible to not buy a new pair every time you buy a new outfit. I have always been grateful when pierced earrings came back into vogue, as those nasty old clip earrings were always so painful to wear. So from simple silver hoops to fantastic chandeliers of precious stones, earrings are a must have in any woman’s jewelry box.

Finding Your Own Fashion Accessory, No matter if you wear a charm bracelet from your Great Aunt Bessy or grab a cheap ring from a Cracker Jack box, jewelry will always be in vogue. These days many women love to make their own jewelry, using beads and chains they purchase separately at bead stores or have created by picking beads at sites like Troll beads. Whatever your taste in jewelry, today’s great jewelry is still rooted in that simply leather thong with a single piece of shell found in an ancient grave. We are all descendants of that long ago woman and her simple but loved jewelry.

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