Tips to Plan and Style Contemporary Fireplaces

Tips to Plan and Style Contemporary Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a common presence in most residences of cold countries. While the primary aim of any fireplace is to help keep the inhabitants stay warm during the intense winter months, in today’s time it is common for people to additionally focus on dressing up their fireplace. Over the years, home interiors have undergone a drastic change. Home owners now like to focus on doing up their houses in a more contemporary manner. Modern designs involve an array of different color combinations and decor that differs from what was the trend before.

If you already have an in-built fireplace in your home and want to give it a more contemporary look, the following tips may help. Choose a light coloring of the key ways to achieve a contemporary look is by choosing a light color tone for the fireplace. Contemporary fireplaces are typically those that are in shades of white, beige or a dual tone involving a matching or smart contrasting shade. The area around your fireplace can be painted to suit the existing decor in the room or walls.

Lighter tones are easier to play with and furthermore, should you ever tire of your home decor, you can be rest assured that any new decor will match the light shades around your fireplace. One of the best features of opting for a light shade is precisely this.

Opt for a Texture Contemporary styles are all about smart textures. One of the most recent and popular styles in this area includes the brick design. You can get a brick like texture to give your home a modern look. A professional home decor consultant or interior decorator will be in a better position to advise you on smart styles and textures for the fireplace.

While choosing a texture you have to keep in mind the location of the fireplace. It won’t be wise to go in for certain loud textures in the living room area for instance. Living rooms should always sport sober and demure tones and decor.

Use accessories Many a times, a simple accessory or two can help achieve the desired home decor look. For contemporary styles, smart lanterns, a good clock or some stylish statues may be just the thing. In today’s day and age, home interior and lifestyle stores are packed to the brim with options. Finalize a budget and choose what suits your taste best for that desired contemporary look.

Use electronics It helps to install electronic gadgets like lights or an electronic system to start the fireplace. Gone are the days when people had to manually look for wood and light the fireplace. Instant electronic devices can make things more convenient and help you achieve the look and style you want to sport for the house.

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