Three Considerations When Picking a Mother of the Bride Dress for a Destination Wedding

Three Considerations When Picking a Mother of the Bride Dress for a Destination Wedding

Nowadays, weddings have become less traditional. As a matter of fact, more and more couples are opting to exchange their vows in another country or destination. If your daughter and her fiancé are among those couples who choose to go for a destination wedding, you’re likely worrying about what you should wear. Obviously, you want to look your best for your child’s big day, but where do you begin? To make the process easier, here are three considerations you need to take into account that will guide you through in finding the best attire that suits you and the celebration.

Wedding party While there is no doubt that you should be considering the venue, the most vital indicator you can use to pick the right attire is that of what the wedding party will wear for the event. For instance, if it will be a beach wedding in Maldives and the bridesmaids will be wearing long gown and the groomsmen are in tuxedos (which by standard is considered formal), it is obvious that you should be dressed more formally to honor your status. If, however, the event is more laidback, then you should go for a piece that is somewhere in between what the bride is wearing and what the rest of the entourage is wearing.

Location and season Consideration should also be given to the location and season of the wedding as both these things will determine the color and type of fabric suitable for your dress. If the destination is in a warm or tropical location, then brighter, lighter tones like turquoise, yellow, and coral are ideal color choices, while the weight of the fabric should be light and airy to allow for maximum comfort. These selections are also suitable for weddings that will be held in botanical gardens or vineyards. If the wedding will be held in a northern location during the winter, it is a good idea to stick with heavier fabrics and richer colors like teal, violet, and sapphire as they will offer good protection against the cold.

Your figure Aside from the entourage, location and season, it is also crucial that you take your figure into account as well as your level of comfort. After all, a destination wedding is something you don’t get to experience frequently and you want to ensure you look your best for such event. It is important that your choice of dress flatters your figure and this simply means putting the focus on your best assets and camouflaging those that are not. For instance, if you have a small waist, then a dress that is belted at the midsection will emphasize this good feature. A piece with a full skirt or empire waist, on the other hand, will help disguise a muffin top. As you can see, finding the perfect MOB dress for your child’s wedding should not be a dreading task. With a bit of planning, preparation and looking at the aforesaid considerations, it can be easy for you to feel and look great in an out-of-town wedding.

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