Modern technologies for beauty improvement

Modern technologies for beauty improvement

Today, laser cosmetology is becoming more profitable part of medical and beauty services market, in this regard the demand for beauty equipment is also growing. Human desire to improve appearance and eliminate aesthetic defects is no longer a privilege, but a common thing. Such high demand on aesthetic medicine services makes the owners of specialized clinics to seek new proposals on beauty salons equipment market.

Laser application in cosmetics is justified as various types of lasers allow a person to get smooth, silky, young and radiant skin, forget about the age and different types of skin diseases that bring discomfort! Modern equipment helps in treatment of excessive pigmentation, vascular disease, acne, scars, post-acne, stretch marks, as well as in removal of excess hair, tattoo and permanent makeup. Cosmetic laser will eliminate or significantly reduce natural age changes and unnatural problems. Besides all advantages, cosmetic lasers do not require expensive consumables, so operating costs are several times lower than when using other medical treatment systems.

Main distinctive feature of laser cosmetology is its high efficiency in combination with minimal risk. Modern technological solutions do not overheat skin of the patient and do not hurt it, therefore, the risk of scarring or changes of natural pigmentation are minimized. Unlike plastic surgery, laser technology can achieve maximum aesthetic results without the use of anesthesia and almost has no contraindications.

Nowadays progressive laser beauty equipment is a key to successful business. Laser technology today is mandatory must-have for any cosmetic clinic or salon aspiring commercial success. With the advent of laser devices and its application in aesthetic medicine it became possible to satisfy eternal desire of every woman to be beautiful without sacrifices and risks. There are two ways of using laser in cosmetology. High power radiation is used in surgery, replacing the scalpel, while low power – in therapy and it is perhaps the most interesting direction.

By purchasing a laser device doctor gets a unique opportunity. Modern laser systems are equipped with color touch screen, which displays all the information needed for a successful medical procedure completion. Almost all the existing technologies are based on selective photo thermally, which lies in chromosomes contained in vascular and pigmented lesions (for rejuvenation) and hair follicle (for hair removal) heating up to the critical temperature. Procedure based on laser technologies has a wide range of application. Procedures with the use of this beauty equipment are non-invasive and physiological, as they imply active mobilization of patient own skin resources and do not require long-term recovery.

From an economic point of view modern equipment for beauty salons is an ideal solution for small, dynamically developing salons. Universal power supply unit can be equipped with any number of laser emitters – from one and up to seven. This allows purchasing a device with one emitter and then gradually expand the range of emitters and thus, expanding the range of aesthetic medicine services offered in a clinic. Laser and photo epilation, tattoos removal, spider veins removal, photo rejuvenation – this is not a complete list of procedures carried out with modern technological solutions. Due to high efficiency of laser cosmetology, the interest in the proposed services is constantly growing, and hence the number of customers and beauty clinics is also increasing. Advanced equipment used in the majority of beauty salons is small-sized as high power laser emitters weight is not more than 0.3 gritted by Timothy Young and Kristina Palmer for company providing Sharp Light Equipment for salons at affordable price.

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