How to Legit Check Popular Sneaker Brands

How to Legit Check Popular Sneaker Brands

Authenticity is everything when it comes to buying sneakers in person or online. You can’t just show up with some sneakers that people have never seen or heard of before without you seeing them raise some eyebrows. No matter where you are buying your sneakers from, whether from big chain stores like Nike and Adidas, or other stores like eBay, you still need to legit check.

Here is how to legit check some of the popular sneaker brands:

  • Yeezy Boost

One of the easiest ways to a legit check Yeezy sneaker is by paying attention to its logo. Real Yeezy Boost logo is small and can be seen clearly. Also, the box of the sneaker brand always comes with the Yeezy and Adidas logo on it. You will also find a bar code that gives you the opportunity to scan and verify the item on the box.

Some other things to check when authenticating a Yeezy Boost are:

  • The sole – An authentic Yeezy Boost sneaker has a signature boost section on the sole, and they are always white with a set of dimples.
  • A clear pattern of stitching
  • The weight, leather, texture quality and color
  • The label below the tongue which gives information about the sneakers
  • Air Jordan

To confirm that the Air Jordan you have or want to buy is real, check the logo. It should show a man jumping up and holding a ball with his left arm. The arm must incline straight from the elbow. But the other arm with the palm should uniformly and flatly face the ground. Also, check the stitching, it must be singly stitched and evenly spaced.

Additionally, check the tag for the nine-digit style number and it must match the number on the box sticker. The lacing should be checked as real Air Jordan is uniformly laced.

  • Adidas EQT

You can authenticate the Adidas EQT by considering and checking out some of its important features. Here are a few of them:

  • The portion of the plastic back heel – when you put a pair of this sneaker brand under an ultra violet black light, the stitching that follows the panel edges would not be seen on a real Adidas EQT. But it is obvious on a fake pair
  • Leather lace Locks – the font of the EQT written on the leather lace lock of a genuine Adidas EQT sneaker is more of a squared edge.
  • The overall build – the fake of this sneaker brand are most times build to be bigger than the original.
  • The EQT Support written on the black suede panel of the media side is bold and wide on real sneakers.
  • Nike Air Force 1

The shoe box should be the first thing to check when authenticating Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. One of its sides must have a label that features important information about the sneaker. Real ones have soles made of rubber. Also, the logo of the original shoe is glued, printed or stitched. Regardless, the logo must be perfect. The stitching must be consistent and immaculately done.

Additionally, the sock liner of the real ones should have some letters and numbers embossed into it. Check under it to confirm this.

That’s all there is to it. We hope you find this article useful authenticating your favorite sneaker brand.

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