How to Get the Most Out of the Two Main Body Types

How to Get the Most Out of the Two Main Body Types

Body types can be described in an avalanche of ways and a lot of them don’t tend to be too complimentary. Many people find it amusing how the fashion industry will regularly define a person’s body in relation to a fruit, with the apple and pear types being very common. Again, the initial suspicion is that both of these are derogatory terms but if we look at them in detail, we’ll soon see that they can both work exceptionally well from a fashion perspective if you make the right decisions.

We’ll now take a look at each one to highlight what they are, and how you can get the most out of them. The Apple Body With apples generally being thought of as round, it’s not surprising to think of this as one of the least appealing body shapes. However, when you consider that celebrities like Jennifer Hudson are blessed with this body type, it doesn’t sound too bad after all. In simple terms, it involves curves in the chest area while the hips are narrow – with this creating the apple shape.

Unfortunately, it is easy to experience complete fashion disasters with the apple shape and a lot of people make the mistake of appearing overweight. This is because they target the completely wrong areas of the body and instead of people concentrating on showing off the legs and torso, they’ll make their whole waist look fuller and appear much heavier than they actually are.

To avoid the above, it’s important to follow several pieces of advice. You should be looking to make your torso appear as long as possible in a bid to edge away from the heavy look, with V-neck tops being the ideal way to achieve this. Similarly, try and allow your bosom to sit as high as possible, with a bra with a good support being crucial to this. In an effort to highlight the positive parts of your body, short skirts are always advisable as these can showcase your skinny legs to the world. If you can find dresses by TFNC online, or by simply shopping via a different high street brand, you’ll be halfway there to perfecting the apple appearance. You should also look to emphasize your torso through the use of belts, with these designed to sit on the waist and showcase the curves.

Pear Body Shape The pear might be a little more obvious to describe, with this focusing on those individuals who have a slim upper body and wide hips. This means that you should be doing everything possible to emphasize your shoulders and torso, while using fashion to disguise your hips. While Jennifer Hudson is the perfect celebrity to use in relation to the apple shape, fewer women are more suited that Kim Kardashian when it comes to the pear.

The obvious tip here is to avoid any attention to the hip region, meaning that anything such as cargo trousers should be out of the window. Similarly, if you can wear dark garments on your lower body and keep the upper region full of light colors, you will be creating a contrast that should aid the pear appearance.

While it’s crucial to follow the above to avoid unwanted attention on those hips, it’s also very important to show off your upper body as much as possible. Strapless dresses are one of the key items of clothing for this shape as they will highlight those shoulders, while anything with a boat or square neckline also works well.

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