How to Cope with Bad Hair Days

How to Cope with Bad Hair Days

We all have bad hair days from time to time. This is when the hair just will not behave right. It can look really bad and leave us feeling grumpy before we have even really started the day. What can be done? Tie It Up good way to make your hair look a bit tidier is to tie it up. It may not be something that you do that often, but it can save you a lot of pain and anguish. A pony tail can look cute and it suits a lot of people and a lot of styles. It is always worth having a hair band around, so that you can just sweep it back, if it does not want to behave. You can always put a styling product on it, to hold it in position.

Wet It Down Sometimes a damp comb can help hair to stick down. You could even spritz your hair with some water to get it to look good. Be careful though, frizz prone hair could look worse once it gets damp and so this hair type might be better off from a bit of styling cream and staying well away from brush or comb! Do Not Stress Starting the morning stressed is never a good thing. Looking at messy uncontrollable hair can make us feel even worse. The problem is that the more stressed we feel about it, the more likely we are to make it look and feel worse. Attacking it in a temper could make the problem worse. It can be better to just leave it alone, have breakfast and then go back to it again. Take a few deep breaths and try to remember that it is only hair and it does not have to affect the rest of your day.

Forget About It It can be easy to let a bad start to the morning effect the rest of your day. It may be that you are now in a bad temper or in a rush and this reflects on everything else. You need to stay calm and forget about it. Having hair that does not behave in the morning should not make you feel that the rest of the day will be bad. A bad hair day is something which you make up and if you are determined that the day will be bad because of it, then it will be. Just forget the bad hair and put a positive face on the day. Be determined that it will not influence your day in a negative manner and it will not.

Hair is important and if we do not feel that we look our best, because our hair is looking bad, then it can influence us. So work hard to make your hair look the best it can or just sweep it back and tie it up. Then move on with the day and do not let it get you down.

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