Fashion- a compulsion or do you really rejoice it?

Fashion- a compulsion or do you really rejoice it?

Few days back I saw my friend in the extreme fashion shoes, short hair spikes, punk-T and patterned skinny leggings. At first I, didn’t recognize her and when she told me that it’s her, I got the cramp of uneasiness in my gut, I really got that. The metallic pointed studs on those high heel pumps were shouting with excitement and pride – “Look at us we are the master piece by our designer and hey wait, you got to know this too, we are really very expensive!” the other accessories were doing same. Now, if you are relating that cramp in my stomach to jealousy then you got me wrong. Let me tell you why but before it here’s a little story.

I have a got a little story for you: This friend of mine is similar to the sweet girlish version of Selena, oh yeah; she has striking resemblance with this famous artist. Anyways, she isn’t just sweet and soft by appearance but she’s a darling with her such loving nature. Her beauty, simple style and softness in features and dressing make her a very cute person. Like every of us she’s a fashion lover too. But the best part about her style is its compatibility with her personality. Her light makeup with those asymmetrical cool tops, casual jeans, girlish pumps, high pony tail, pink nerd spectacles, stylish scarfs and her easy-going handbags – this used to be her awesome out loud getup and we all acquaintances loved her style.  But the sudden change was a bit shocking and tossed a hundred of questions in my mind. Well, the change persisted not more than a month and she was back in her comfy-zone style! This once again I felt my eyebrows lifted up with amazement and questions hurled in my head but this time I let my curiosity get better of me and went to her. When I reached her, she said before I spoke a single word: “

I know what you want to ask and here’s the answer: I tried to adopt the style which the popular girls in school have but I never got it right because in those shoes and cloths IT WAS NOT Me. Living for 20 days as someone else didn’t go so well so I had to pull my old belongings from under my bed, where I had grounded them and now good morning everyone the real me is back. And if you want to know why am I back let me tell you, I’ve realized that fashion is good, trend is tempting but I can’t let it redefine me, I can’t let it be a compulsion but I want to rejoice it as I DEFINE FASHION BY WHO I AM.”

And there I was, holding my breath and was allowing her insight to breath into menthe change in her outlook was so sudden and surprising that my stomach didn’t take it so well. But her words eased down my every confusion.

No matter what the latest trend is and no matter how famous some style is getting but I’m going to take it only and only if I’ll enjoy it. No compulsion, no strain and no stress but the ample joy of having my own style. And every time I check out for latest trend I ask myself one simple question- Compulsion or a joy? Like recently I found a cool cardigan online and do you know why will I get it? Oh yes, you got me this time!   I’m going to have it because I’m sure I’ll have it for my sake and my joy and not for anybody else.

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