Edgy Bride Hairstyles

Edgy Bride Hairstyles

When looking through magazines of traditional bride hairstyles you will find loads of poufy looks that are reminiscent of the 80′s and there is nothing more upsetting than looking vintage on your wedding day in the worst way possible. More and more brides are shying away from traditional curly udos and chignon buns and are opting for fresher, funkier styles. The best thing to do when picking out bridal hairstyles for your wedding is to keep your personality in mind. Choose something that truly suits you. Here are some of the very best edgy bride hairstyles out there: Hair Pieces Custom hair pieces are all the rage among edgy brides. Ditch the long veil and pick out something that makes you look and feel like the fierce bride that you are. Bridal hair pieces can be placed on top of your hair, to the side, or in the back. They can be worn with hair down or in practically any undo.

When picking out a hair piece you should keep your gown and accessories in mind. You want everything to match or at least complement each other. Also, make sure that your hair piece doesn’t overwhelm the other aspects of your bridal attire. The Pompadour The pompadour is the perfect choice for the modern-day bride. It keeps your hair up and out of your eyes while framing your face and accentuating your bone structure. Pompadours can be paired with udos, high ponytails, or undone locks. They are playful but elegant and they look amazing in straight or tousled textures. If you decide on a pompadour remember to use pomade and hair spray to keep hair in place. It is also not a bad idea to wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner a couple of days before your big day.

Top Knot stop knots made their way onto the runway and now edgy brides everywhere are rocking them on their wedding day. You can even use an insert to add volume to your top knot. Try wearing this style in smooth or wavy hair. The best thing about the top knot is that the placement creates the perfect base for hair accessories like bridal combs and headbands. If you are feeling really feisty you can even position a tiara right into the base of the top knot. Brides who still want to hold on to a little tradition can easily pin a veil to the top or bottom of the knot.

Retro Finger Waves Marcel waves are retro in the very best way. If you love all things vintage, then a faux bob with marcel waves will suit you perfectly on your wedding day. This hairstyle has more of a pin-up vibe which is exactly the type of look an edgy bride should aim for. Marcel waves look glamorous and classy and they can also be paired with bold makeup looks. If you opt for this style you should definitely consider setting your waves the night before for optimal results.

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