Careers After Fashion School

Careers After Fashion School

If you are one of those who breathe and eat fashion, on completing Fashion School, you can pursue a career in this very passion of yours. Accordingly, there are various fashion career options with responsibilities including your producing fashionable ware for others to wear. To help you decide your career option to pursue, here is a list of the responsibilities each fashion career entails.

Fashion buyer in case of fashion merchandising, you need both a sense of fashion and business. As a fashion merchandiser, you work as a buyer who travels to various fashion shows to locate fashions sold in retail stores. It is generally better to start out as an employee in a retail store to later become a fashion merchandiser. The benefit of working as an employee is the thorough knowledge you gain about the company’s products, which helps you boost your career to the next level.

Stylist or designer as a fashion stylist, you have to work on television, film and photo shoot sessions with models and celebrities. It is your responsibility to turn the director or photographer’s visions into motion by creating the right outfits for the talents. While creating your outfits, you have to ensure the clothing is appealing to celebrities, photographers and the general public.

To work as a fashion designer, you are put in charge of the creative fashion ideas by developing accessories, shoes and clothing found in stores and runways. After getting a degree in fashion from a fashion school or college, like other fashion graduates, it’s better if you look for job opportunities in the large fashion districts and cities as these cities offer lots more job opportunities.

Fashion photographers are much in demand If you work as a fashion photographer, you work with models and celebrities to create advertisements and magazine shoots. It is important that you have sufficient training in fashion photography and be ready to travel to locations and sometimes work in exotic environments. Though a certification is not always required, most fashion photographers are graduates with a 2-4-year college.

If you have an interesting physique and look, you can consider a career as a fashion model. This is a great job option as there is lots of demand and competition for modeling jobs, even though there is an increased demand for models. However, this job can be difficult for some as it requires that you remain thin and fat so that you can wear 0 size designs created by fashion designers.

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