Acrylics v Gels – Which Manicure Is for You?

Acrylics v Gels – Which Manicure Is for You?

The cosmetic industry is one that seems to change by the week and the big decision that a lot of patients seem to be hit by is which type of manicure is the most beneficial. At the moment, gel and acrylic nails are the two of the biggest procedures in the field and while all beauticians may bamboozle you with all of the technical jargon, today’s guest post will take a look at both treatments in simple terms to highlight the pros and cons.

Acrylic Nails Anybody that has been a regular on the beauty clinic scene will have probably witnessed first-hand the growth of acrylic nails. They are a much older procedure than gel nails and while they do have their drawbacks, some people will never turn their back on them.

The process of applying acrylic to the nails is very simple to explain. Beauticians will form a solution from a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, with this creating the final coating that will eventually harden on your nails. It should be stated that the hardening process will only occur once the nails have been exposed to air, meaning that the procedure can take some time to complete.

With acrylic nails being prevalent in beauty salons up and down the country for a number of years, it goes without saying that they are tagged with numerous advantages. The fact that it’s possible to fix any chips or cracks in the nail at home often impresses a lot of people, while there’s no need to revisit the salon to get the acrylic removed once your nails have reached their peak. Instead, you can simply soak the nails in standard nail polish remover. On the subject of their peak, the nails tend to last for several weeks at a time, meaning that it’s no longer necessary to constantly remove and re-apply the polish like is the case with traditional methods.

Of course, there are drawbacks and some experts have suggested that the nails can become damaged during the application of the acrylic. Similarly, the acrylic mixture is strong to say the least and some women, particularly those that are pregnant, are not advised to undergo the treatment.

Gel Nails The newest phenomenon in the manicure niche is gel nails and if you visit this website, you will notice how serious cosmetic clinics are taking the procedure. The treatment doesn’t differ too much to the acrylic one, other than the fact that gel is being applied to the nails rather than the other solution. Following this application, the nails are subjected to UV light which will harden the nails.

The main pro associated with gel nails is that they are much more durable and it’s almost impossible to crack them – unless they are exceptionally long. Furthermore, while acrylic nails are not suitable to everyone due to the fumes that are emitted during the application process, this is not the case with the gel variety and they are seen as a much safer option. The final benefit is related to appearance, with most women much preferring the natural and glossy coat that this choice provides.

Unfortunately, the nails don’t last quite as long as acrylics – although most women will be more than satisfied with their longevity. Instead, the main complaint arises from the professional removal and unless you have access to the correct chemicals, you will need another trip to the beauticians to remove the remains of the nail after a few weeks. Additionally, while the chances of gel nails breaking are slim, if it happens a DIY fix is almost impossible.

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