3 Celebrity Eye Fashion Styles to Steal

3 Celebrity Eye Fashion Styles to Steal

Google Glass may well become next year’s top celebrity eye fashion preference. The idea seemed plausible when Google cofounder Sergey Bring showed up at the 2012 New York Fashion Week wearing the lenslessGoogle Glass. This year, perhaps because Google Glass still isn’t available to the public, celebrities (and their fashion followers) are making do with less high-tech eye fashion styles. Here are three of the top celebrity eye fashion ideas this season that you can draw inspiration from.

Glasses with no glass People who wear glasses usually can’t wait for a way to get rid of them. They try getting contact lenses or perhaps laser eye surgery. To someone who’s grown up being called four eyes at school, glasses are about as far from fashion as you can get.

Recently, though, glasses have managed a remarkable reputation makeover. These days, celebrities such as top NBA players often show up on television interviews wearing large, cartoonish eyeglass frames that are made of bright-colored plastic. These frames are for appearance only. They have no lenses. When these stars need prescription lenses, they wear contact lenses under those frames.

The idea behind lens less frames is this: large frames set the eyes off attractively and call attention to them. Many claim that frames make the eyes look bigger. The framing effect only works, though, when people can see your eyes – something that becomes difficult if you have lenses in the frames.

Celebrities and other fashion-conscious people may not consider lens less frames appealing next year. Right now, though, it’s a trend that has a real following. Colored contact lenses The world loves Jennifer Aniston and Penelope Cruz – two of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. To these two beautiful women, though, the unreserved adoration that they receive is no reason to stop going after ways to look even more stunning. Both stars have natural brown eyes. Yet, they love to use colored contact lenses to keep their fans guessing about their eye color.

While Jennifer Aniston is often seen in blue lenses, Penelope Cruz likes to experiment with bold new choices. If you love experimenting with your eye color, you have all of Hollywood to inspire you. Megan Fox, Ali Lohan and Tyra Banks all love to experiment with their eye color. All you need now is to visit NextDayLenses or another retailer who carries a full range.

Sunglasses are still the all-time celeb eye fashion craftspeople have spent the last 20 years making fun of the mega sunglasses that celebrities used to wear in the 60s and 70s. While people love those iconic shots of Sophia Lauren and Jacqueline Kennedy wearing huge round dark shades, they don’t see that anyone but a celebrity of their standing could make it work. This doesn’t stop some celebrities from trying, though.

Jennifer Lopez likes to show up at events in vaguely 70s-themed attire. Large, progressive-tinted 70s sunglasses with bejeweled frames are one of the most important 70s props that she uses. Ann Hathaway likes huge shades, too. Somehow, though, her heart-shaped shades don’t look very 70s, at all. She makes them look modern.

Finally, if you really wish to experiment Celebrities like to constantly find new places to wear their Swarovski crystals. Madonna has found a new one – her eyelashes. She tends to show up at her concerts with fake eyelashes that are encrusted with diamonds, crystals and gold. These are only available at Barney’s, New York. Sarah Cole is a fashion designer. She loves to write about how to steal celebrity fashions on style blogs.

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